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Volunteer Positions for Meets

It takes EVERYONE to make a swim meet run smoothly and efficiently.  One family member must sign up to volunteer for each meet.  Lori Gaillard will assign volunteers for all meets and provide those roles the day prior to the meet.  

REMINDER- You are required to volunteer for a minimum of three meets in order for your child to eligible for finals.  Ideally, every family would contribute at least one volunteer for each meet your children are attending.

Description of Volunteer Positions:

1. Concessions (HOME meets only) - Work at concession stand selling food and drinks, secure money at stand during meet, update concession coordinator if running low on supplies

2.  Fishbowl Monitor - Monitor the 10 & under swimmers in a central location and help age group coordinators locate swimmers prior to their events

3.  Age Group Coordinator - Assigned an age group (6&u, 7-8, 9-10) and gender and will line them up for all their events and stay with swimmers during relays

4.  Clerk of Course (HOME meets only) - Verify all swimmers are in correct lane for each heat and event.  Relay any missing swimmers to scorekeeper/referee.  

5.  Timer  - time an individual lane with stopwatch and record times.  Backup timer will be responsible for covering any malfunctioning watches, missed starts, etc.

6.  Place Judge  - sit at same end of pool as timers and record order of lane finishes.  Will work cooperatively with place judge from opposing team

7.  Runner (Home meet only) - Collect place judge slips, timers' sheets, and disqualification sheets and bring to the scorer's table

8.  Scorekeeper - Will sit at scorer's table with member of opposing team and review times, disqualifications, and finishes

9. Stroke & Turn Judge - TRAINING REQUIRED - Judges will monitor all swimmers for disqualifications.  Must have attended a preseason training

10.  Starter - TRAINING REQUIRED - Will start each event of the meet 

11.  Set Up (Home meet only) - Arrive early to the pool and help set up for the meet

12.  Break Down (Home meet only) - Help after meet to break down meet set up.

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